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Embroidered Emblem Coverage Chart 
The quantity, patch size and the percentage of embroidery that covers the patch are three main factors that determine the price of embroidered patches/emblems. Generally, you know the required quantity and the approximate size needed, but normally have difficulty in determining the percentage of embroidery coverage on the patch.

The illustrations on this page can help you to determine the percentage of embroidery coverage on your patch. Consider the embroidery patch samples illustrated with the understanding that the black or grey areas are embroidered and the white areas are the unembroidered underlying fabric. How much coverage does your emblem embroidery design have? Simply compare it to the illustrations and find the one that looks closest, it is not an exact science and we are always here to help you and answer any questions.

Most patches run between 50% and 85% embroidery and that makes it simple for you to very closely estimate your price per patch. Since very few patches fall in the category below 50% embroidery coverage, and the cost of setting up the machines and designing the patch is virtually the same for all designs, our pricing is same for 30% to 50% category.

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Chart to estimate the embroidery coverage:

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